Fun English Learning for Kids Aged 4-6 Years and all Learning Abilities.

Kids learn English through playing fun spelling games which involve progressive digital interaction with images, letters, sound and typing on a custom-built touchscreen keyboard.

English Word Learning by Typing

We support early English word recognition in kids by systematically repeating and reinforcing the order and combination of letters through a custom-built QWERTY Keyboard.

English Vocabulary Expansion

Our growing library of English word books provides kids aged 4-6 years with a wide range of age-appropriate topics to choose and learn from.

English Spelling & Pronunciation

Our use of sequential alphabet training in English word spelling exercises combined with audio recordings helps to link word spelling with pronunciation for kids.

Typing & Matching

Our app encourages letter matching exercises while focusing on improving dexterity through progressive typing training on the QWERTY Keyboard.

English Word Learning by Elimination

Our system encourages the development of English word concepts and recognition in kids through exercises that employ simple processes of elimination.

Image & English Word Association

A core premise of our offering is to help kids to learn English by reinforcing the meaning of words with relevant images.

Screenshots gallery

Here are snapshots of the app and the various elements we've put together to foster early word typing and recognition skills.

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