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Summary: Tapkins is a “learn spelling by typing” app for young children (ages 4 and up) that utilises a custom QWERTY keyboard to enhance early English word learning. It is now available on 3 major mobile platforms.

SINGAPORE – 19 December, 2017 – When should children learn how to type? The general consensus to start formal keyboard training is between seven to ten years of age. However, Lim Wan Tsau, the co-founder of Tapkins, a typing and spelling mobile app for preschoolers, believes that parents should start encouraging children to get comfortable with typing and the concept of the keyboard as soon as the child shows interest in digital learning.

Relevant learning skills of the future

“Today’s early education focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and the increasing reliance on digital learning technologies are key motivations for developing the app”, says Wan Tsau. The former advertising technology professional and father of two preschool children decided to start working on the learning system and app after noticing his four-year-old daughter’s increased (but failed) attempts to search for videos on Youtube.

Empowerment in a digital world

“We need to understand the importance of empowering our children with the technical know-how and responsible digital competencies so they may thrive safely and effectively in the new digital world” but he stresses: “This does not mean unchecked digital exposure for young children. On the contrary, they should be supervised. The reality is that more and more learning is taking place in the digital space. This is a strong reason to start children getting comfortable with digital learning tools at an earlier age”.

An introductory typing app for preschoolers

Available in all countries globally today, Tapkins is a free English word typing and spelling app for preschoolers (ages 4 years and up) and young children of all learning abilities. It is designed to help young children learn how to “spell through typing” via a custom-built touchscreen QWERTY keyboard made for early learning.

Progressive learning

The app supports early word recognition by systematically assisting preschoolers to type the words presented as images on the screen. This is made possible because of the app’s special touchscreen QWERTY keyboard which was developed to guide early learning. In the introductory levels, the child is presented with a limited keyboard with keys only necessary for spelling each word. This helps to remove visual noise as early learners start getting used to typing. The child moves from assisted typing to independent spelling on later levels. The typing itself encourages letter matching exercise which helps to improve dexterity and hand and eye coordination.

Appropriate vocabulary development

In terms of vocabulary and words available, there are currently over 100 English words across many different age appropriate categories to learn from. The team plans to add more books and words by working with regional and global content producers in the coming months.

Free for all to download

The app is currently free to download from the Apple App Store (iOS 9.0 or later), Google Play Store (Android 4.1 or later) and Amazon App Store globally (except for the United States). The app is ad free, currently has no in-app purchases available and is developed in accordance with industry guidelines for apps targeting users under 13 years of age. More information can be found via the app’s microsite at

Seeking collaborative partnerships

The team is openly seeking collaborative partnerships with children book publishers, content producers and illustrators to make their works available on the Tapkins platform. Interested parties may contact them at or the co-founder directly at

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