Hi everyone, we’re pleased to announce that we have added the following new word books into our catalogue. Enjoy and start typing!

Tropical fruits

  • Book description: Enjoy these sweet and exotic fruity flavours from the tropics.
  • Book words: mango, durian, banana, papaya, coconut
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: Food

Going Places

  • Book description: Don’t forget to pack these things for your coming holiday.
  • Book words: map, shoes, camera, passport, suitcase
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: Going Places

Art Jam

  • Book description: Every child is an artist. These are tools they need to get creative.
  • Book words: brush, easel, paint, canvas, palette
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: Hobbies


  • Book description: Let’s learn about different types of sea vessels.
  • Book words: tugboat, sailboat, ferry, skiff, jetski
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: City


  • Book description: Get to know different things you can find at a construction site.
  • Book words: crane, bricks, truck, digger, forklift
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: City

My Hands

  • Book description: Let’s spell and type the different parts of our hands
  • Book words: hand, palm, nail, thumb, finger
  • Book author: Tapkins
  • Category: Science

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