Kids getting too much screen time?

Hi parents! We understand that sometimes it can be (very) difficult for us to manage screen time for our little ones. Like many parents today, we often see our kids glued to the screen of our mobile phones or tablets but do not have a systematic way to manage their exposure.

Manage screen time by making your children earn it

This is why we’ve created this printable set of “screen time” tokens. These tokens can be given to your children when they have completed any task. Examples are chores at home or school assignments. The child can then exchange the tokens for screen time. We have produced four sets of tokens with differing time limits i.e. 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. Parents are also able to pre-determine basic ground rules (time and days of the week) for when the tokens can be used.

Print and start using the time tokens today

There are four PDF files in the document pack available below. Each file has ten tokens of the same time limit. We encourage parents to print the four files in different coloured paper to help their  children distinguish the time limit of each token. We hope this printable will help in managing your children’s screen time!

Example of screen time token sheet

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