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Fact Sheet


Tapkins is a free English word typing and spelling app for preschoolers (ages 4 years and up) and young children of all learning abilities. It utilises a dynamic custom QWERTY keyboard to allow young children to practice English word spelling and familiarize them with the concept of typing on a keyboard.


  • Custom Keyboard – Special Touchscreen QWERTY Keyboard developed to guide early learning.
  • Progressive Learning – Move from Assisted Typing (Level 1) to Independent Spelling (Level 7).
  • Monitor Improvement – Parents can monitor child’s improvement by reviewing the typing/spelling statistics i.e. accuracy, time spent and new words learned.
  • Gifting – Children stay engaged and get rewarded with in-game gifts for time spent on app.
  • Growing Library of Word Cards – Wide and growing range of age appropriate topics to choose and learn from.

Learning Objectives & Benefits

  • Word Recognition by Typing – Support early word recognition by systematically repeating and reinforcing the order and combination of letters through our custom-built keyboard.
  • Vocabulary Expansion -Library of word books (20+ books with 100+ words and growing) provides preschoolers with a wide range of age appropriate topics to choose and learn from.
  • Spelling & Pronunciation – Sequential alphabet training in word formation combined with audio recordings assists in linking word spelling with pronunciation.
  • Typing & Matching – Encourages letter matching exercises while focusing on improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination through progressive typing training on our custom-built keyboard.
  • Learning by Elimination – Encourages the development of word concepts and recognition through exercises that employ simple processes of elimination.
  • Image & Word Association – Core premise of our offering is to reinforce the meaning of words against relevant images or graphical representations.

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